Session topics

  • Cultivation strategies  - rearing and hatchery protocols, production bottlenecks, broodstock management
  • Growth, reproduction and gamete quality - growth, nutrition and metabolism, reproductive physiology/endocrinology, sperm quality.
  • General biology, ecology and behaviour
  • Genetics and -omics technologies  -population genetics and dynamics, genomics, transcriptomics
  • Cultivation for conservation  - restocking, costs, benefits, consequences and best practices
  • Human dimensions of cultivation - Cultivation from the community perspective, educating and engaging the public, engaging stakeholders (communication and cooperation) 

Program overview

  • Sunday June 17 (afternoon): arrival, registration, and welcome reception (Clarion Hotel Tyholmen)
  • Monday June 18: Morning session: Invited keynote speakers. Afternoon session: Parallel topical sessions based on abstract submissions
  • Tuesday June 19: Morning session: Parallel topical sessions based on abstract submissions.  Afternoon session: Invited keynote speakers and closing panel discussion. Evening: conference banquet on sailing boat in the Arendal archipelago
  • Wednesday June 20: Journey home

Final Programme

Keynote speakers

  • Eva Thorstad (NINA) & Jörn Gessner (IGB) - Atlantic salmon, European eel, and sturgeons: Living with a complex life cycle
  • Sten Karlsson (NINA) - Molecular genetics tools for a better stocking practise – Maintaining genetic integrity and genetic variation
  • Alan Walker (Cefas) - Challenges for diadromous species in the 21st Century
  • Kyle Young (UZ) - The evolutionary and population ecology of (not) stocking
  • Robert Arlinghaus (IGB) - The human dimensions of fish stocking
  • William V. Holt (ZSL) - Strategies for the conservation of endangered species

Social events

Sunday June 17:

18:00-20:00: Get-together reception at the hotel restaurant at Clarion Hotel Tyholmen, Arendal. Local food will be served along with appropriate varieties of beer from the nearby Nøgne Ø brewery ( Towards the end of the reception, there will be a couple of presentations: on the local geology and wildlife (below and above water), setting the stage for the theme of the conference. All registered participants are welcome to the reception without any extra costs. 

Monday June 18:

raet_nasjonalpark.jpg?itok=I2Xp5yKI18:00-19:30: Visit to the nearby Raet Nasjonalpark, a recently opened marine protected area in the Arendal area ( ). A 15 min bus trip will take us to the magnificent stone beach at Spornes where we will have the chance to see the unique coastal landscape that was constructed by the ice 12.000 years ago. The belt of rolling stones on the shore of this region indicates the tip of the ice cape that covered most of the Scandinavian Peninsula during the last ice age. A small snack will be served on the bus. All registered participants are welcome to this excursion without any extra costs.

Tuesday June 19:

solrik_seilbat.png?itok=aMG_9atq18:00-23:00: Conference banquet. This informal banquet will take place on an old wooden sailing ship named Solrik ( We will board the ship by the docks directly outside the hotel and sail around in the nearby archipelago while enjoying local seafood. If the weather permits, we will go ashore on a small island where the main lighthouse in Arendal is located, before we return to Arendal and the hotel around sunset at 23:00. All registered participants are welcome to the banquet/boat cruise without any extra costs (maximum of 70 persons on the boat, where early registered participants are prioritized). 

Wednesday June 20:

tommy_egra.jpg?itok=fi4hxSZzAlthough the conference ends Tuesday evening, those participants interested can register for a fishing trip guided by the professional fisher Tommy Egra (


Organizing committees

Local organisers:

Finn-Arne Weltzien, Norway
Ian Mayer, Norway
Eirill Ager-Wick, Norway
Øystein Aas, Norway 

Scientific committee:

Finn-Arne Weltzien, Norway
Ian Mayer, Norway
Øystein Aas, Norway
Bengt Finstad, Norway
Robert Arlinghaus, Germany
Sylvie Dufour, France
Berta Levavi-Sivan, Israel
Juan Asturiano, Spain
Sven Wuertz, Germany
Martin Psenicka, Czech Republic
Jörn Gessner, Germany
Patrick Martin, France
Ron Dirks, the Netherlands

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