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  • William Warner

    Head of the Writing Centre


    W.S. Warner teaches academic writing and is the Faculty Advisor for the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences. He is the author of two books and more than two dozen journal articles, mostly about forestry and photogrammetry. He has taught writing and cartography at Dartmouth College, USA.

  • Clayton Gouin


    Clay is a Ph.D candidate and English-speaking Writing Advisor from Canada. He recently graduated from NMBU's M-IES program, after taking an interdisciplinary Master's degree in Environmental Studies and Ecology. Prior to attending NMBU, Clay studied Education and Pedagogy, specializing in English as a Second Language teaching.​

  • Victoria Thomas


    Victoria moved to Norway from the United States in 2015 to study international environmental studies. With previous experience as an English mentor, she is available to assist students in the academic writing courses. Victoria is interested in combining social and natural sciences with a focus on food waste. 

  • Hedvig Hoel Bjørge


    Hedvig has just completed a teaching degree in  Practical Pedagogy (PPU) at NMBU, and is now working fulltime at the Writing Centre. She has also completed a master in Agroecology and a bachelor in International Environmental and Development Studies, both at NMBU. Her academic interests are both in social and environmental sciences; with a special focus on agriculture, international politics and ecology. She gives advice in both Norwegian and English, and is happy to help both master and bachelor students.

  • Emily Holmes


    Emily, from the UK, is studying International Environmental Studies. She has a degree in International Relations with Spanish, and a Postgraduate Certification in Brazilian Environmental Law.  She has over ten years’ experience teaching English as a second language, and is fluent in Portuguese.  Her academic focus is on the intrinsic rights of nature, and animal rights issues.

  • Patrick John Bolliger


    Patrick has a degree in International Environment and Development Studies and is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in International Environmental Studies.  His academic interests include coastal, marine and aquatic resource management, marine biology and development studies. Patrick is a native English speaker and can assist students with writing on a bachelor or master level.

  • Kelsey Barnhill


    Kelsey is from the United States and completed her Bachelors degree in Geology with a Marine Science Minor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a Masters student at NMBU and is a member of Feminin & Fornem. Kelsey has lived in Norway for the past year and spent one semester in Spain. She can give consultations in English and Spanish and is happy to try her Norwegian out as well!

  • Alejandro Herrera


    Alejandro moved to Norway to pursue a bachelor degree in International Environment and Development Studies. Prior to his arrival he had performed studies in Chemical & Process Engineering and Foreign Language Teaching (English and French) in his native Medellín, Colombia. He has eight years' experience teaching English, French, and Spanish. Furthermore, Alejandro can assist students with writing in these three languages. His academic interests include both science and humanities. 

  • Rob Ronci


    Rob recently completed the Noragric Master's in International Relations program. His thesis focused on the geopolitics of outer space and complexity theory. He is originally from Colorado, USA, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He is a native English speaker and is happy to advise both Bachelor and Master students.

  • Emma James


    Emma is an English speaking writing advisor from the UK. She graduated with a Geography degree from Lancaster University and is at NMBU studying for a Masters in International Environmental Studies.

  • Tony Martel


    Tony is a native English speaker from the United States. He has a previous degree in history and political science and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in International Relations here at NMBU. He is comfortable with students working on their Bachelor or Masters thesis.

  • Kelly James Hoolihan Fisher


    Kelly is an English speaking writing advisor from the U.S.  He is here on a Fulbright Grant, a program created to strengthen the international community through educational exchange.  He has a bachelors degree in history, and is available to help both bachelor and master students.  Kelly is an avid baker, so if you're lucky, he will have baked goods with him while you talk about your writing.

  • Kamilla Evita Masvik


    Kamilla is a Norwegian student. She is currently on her second year of the Bachelor in International Environment and Development studies. She can be of help in both Norwegian and English.

  • Timothy Brannan


    Tim is a native English-speaking writing advisor from Australia. He has completed a bachelor in International Development and Environmental Studies at NMBU, and is now taking a master in Agroecology. His area of academic interest is within agriculture and food systems from a social science and/or natural science perspective. Tim can assist students on a bachelor or master level. 

  • Lukas Leitinger


    Lukas studies International Environment and Development Studies at NMBU. From a young age, he developed a passion for the ocean and now he researches marine conservation. Besides that, he is eager to talk about moral philosophy and animal rights. Lukas is from Austria, so he can assist students in both German and English.

  • Maiken Svendsen Folkvord


    Maiken started at NMBU in 2014 and is currently on her last year of the Master in Economics. She will specialize in Environment and Climate Economics. Besides her studies, Maiken has a passion for animals and works as a volunteer at a cat shelter. Maiken can give consultations in Norwegian and English.

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