Rajesh Joshi

Rajesh Joshi ─ 6 December 2018

Non-additive genetic effects in Nile tilapia

Jon Kristian Sommerseth

Jon Kristian Sommerseth ─ 2 November 2018

Rearing of Norwegian Red replacement heifers; effect of growth rates on lifetime production and profitability

Trust Kasambala Donga

Trust Kasambala Donga ─ 4 October 2018

Sugarcane Production in Malawi: Pest, Pesticides and Potential for Biological Control

Doktorgradsarbeidet til Tove Sundgren kan bidra til kornsorter som tåler klimaendringer bedre

Tove Sundgren ─ 19 September 2018

Phenotypic and genetic studies of waterlogging tolerance in wheat and barley

Stine Grønmo Kischel

Stine Grønmo Kischel ─ July 5 2018

Space allowance and feeding systems for ewes  – Behavior, feed wastage and individual variation

Nina Hårdnes Tremoen

Nina Hårdnes Tremoen ─ 5 June 2018

Identification of sperm parameters and gene variants influencing boar fertility

Tim Knutsen

Tim Martin Knutsen ─ 25 May 2018

Genomics of bovine milk fat composition

Regin Arge ─ 4 May 2018

Tetradecylthioacetic acid (TTA) – A functional feed ingredient for Atlantic salmon affecting early sexual maturation, cardiac robustness and β-oxidative capacity

Nicolai Hermann Jørgensen

Nicolai Hermann Jørgensen ─ April 27 2018

Sheep breeds in contrasting environments - pasture utilization at different spatiotemporal scales

Doktorgradsforskningen til Susanne S. Windju har resultert i klargjøring av resistensmekanismer for soppsykdommene meldugg, Fusarium og hveteaksprikk.

Susanne S. Windju ─ Januar 30

Detection and validation  of disease resistance QTL  in wheat

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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