2016 ─ 2017

2016 ─ 2017

Sini Elina Wallén ─ 20 December 2017

Genetic improvement of feed efficiency in dairy cattle

Marta Perez de Nanclares Fernandez

Marta Pérez de Nanclares Fernández ─ 30 November 2017

Rapeseed co-products in pig diets – Effects on nutrient and energy digestibility and metabolism

Conor Goold

Conor Goold 27 October 2017

Assessing personality traits in dogs: conceptual and methodological issues

Nina Zoric

Nina Zoric ─ 26 September 2017

Characterization of genes and gene products influencing carotenoid metabolism in Atlantic salmon 

Tesfaye Kebede Belay

Tesfaye Kebede Belay ─ 15 September 2017

Multivariate Analyses of Milk Infrared Spectra and Predictions from it in Dairy Cattle Populations

Marta Bou Mira

Marta Bou Mira - May 4th 2017

Metabolism of omega-3 very long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L): Effects of different dietary levels of EPA and DHA on fish performance and health"

Forskningsarbeidet til Gisken Trøan er et stort bidrag i arbeidet med å stabilisere jodinnholdet i melk.

Gisken Trøan - March 17th 2017

Effects of feeding rapeseed product differing in glucosinolate concentration on iodine concentration in cow milk

Marco Ocepek

Marco Ocepek - January 13th 2017

Causes of piglet mortality – the impact of maternal behavioural traits and their genetic component

Peyman Mosberian Tanha

Peyman Mosberian Tanha - October 28th 2016

The interaction between plant ingredients and envionmental conditions on performance, metabolism and gastro intestinal health in rainbow trout

Maria Therese Tjernsbekk

Maria Therese Tjernsbekk - October 14th 2016

Improved quality of extruded feed for dog

Kristine Hov Martinsen

Kristine Hov Martinsen - August 26th 2016

Genetic improvement of feed and total production efficiency in pigs

Zabron Cuthibert Nziku

Zabron Cuthibert Nziku - July 24th 2016

Schemes for Sustainable Breeding and Delivery of Dairy goat Genetic resources: Case study Norway and Tanzania

Sondre Stokke Naadland

Sondre Stokke Naadland - April 8th 2016

Nutrient supply and productivity in organic forage and milk production - improved forage production and utilisation based on local resources

 Oscar Okechukwu Michael Iheshiulor

Oscar Okechukwu Michael Iheshiulor ─ 3. march 2016

Improving the accuracy of genomic predictions in numerically small populations

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