Goals for the Faculty of Landscape and Society

  • Fakultetets mål baserer seg på NMBU sine mål

    Faculty goals are based on the university goals.

The Faculty Board decided on a goal structure for the faculty in the board meeting on 8 February 2017 (Item 3/2017). This is based on the NMBU Strategy 2014-2018.

Faculty goals

Sector goal 1

The Ministry of Education and Research’s sector goal 1: High quality in research and education

Goals for the faculty:

  • The faculty has internationally excellent and robust academic environments that practice research and education of high quality and societal relevance, and attains prestigious projects.
  • The faculty actively applies the NMBU teaching philosophy
  • The faculty develops top competence in its talented younger staff members employed in teaching and research positions
  • The faculty has initiatives directed towards strengthening academic quality in all sections
  • The faculty strengthens and develops new synergies between academic fields both in the faculty and at NMBU

Sector goal 2

The Ministry of Education and Research’s sector goal 2: Research and education for welfare, wealth creation and reorganisation

Goals for the faculty:

  • The faculty has national and international projects in cooperation with its partners, and has an increased number of projects from EU and NFR
  • The faculty has a clear role within the environment- and life sciences
  • The faculty has a visible societal role and contributes to wealth creation
  • The faculty has a special responsibility for the social sciences, law and humanities at NMBU

Sector goal 3

The Ministry of Education and Research’s sector goal 3: Access to education

Goals for the faculty:

  • The faculty’s work with education and research dissemination is goal-oriented
  • The faculty has an active strategy for the recruitment of students
  • The faculty aims for high quality in higher and further education

Sector goal 4

The Ministry of Education and Research’s goal 4: An efficient, diverse and solid higher education sector and research system

Goals for the faculty:

  • The faculty will contribute to the campus plan to ensure that the faculty is located in fewer buildings and in the same area of the campus, providing good workspaces and a sound research and education infrastructure
  • The faculty has a good work environment with staff members who treat each other with mutual respect
  • The faculty has a democratic and efficient organisation
  • The faculty administration provides service of high quality from competent staff
Published 4. April 2017 - 13:43 - Updated 4. April 2017 - 13:43

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