Institutional cooperation is a central activity at Noragric and is closely linked to research and education.


Collaboration is mostly with universities but also includes research institutions. Some cooperation agreements are administered on behalf of NMBU and involve staff at other departments. The full overview of international academic cooperation at NMBU is in the menu on the right.

The programmes include joint research and education activities as well as support to institutional development.
The major active institutional collaboration agreements at Noragric are the following:



Hawassa University and Mekelle University 
Type: Research, capacity building (2015-2019)
Financed by: MFA/Norwegian Embassy. 
Coordinators: NMBU Dept. of Research, Innovation and External cooperation (Joanna Boddens-Hosang) and Prof. Jens Aune (academic coordination)

Institut d'Economie Rural (IER), Bamako
Adapting agriculture and livestock production in Mali to climate change (2011-2017)
Financed by: MFA*
Coordinator: Prof. Jens Aune

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)
Type: Capacity building for managing climate change in Malawi (CABMACC) programme (2013 - 2018)
Financed by: MFA/Norwegian Embassy in Malawi 
Coordinator: Prof. Bishal Sitaula (during his sabbatical Oct 2017-Oct 2018: Prof. Lars Olav Eik)

Sokoine University of Agriculture
Including the (terminated) EPINAV, CCIAM programmes.
Institutional cooperation agreement NMBU-SUA renewed (2013-2018)
Type: Research, capacity strengthening, education, student exchange
Financed by: MFA/Norwegian Embassy 
Coordinator: Prof. Ruth Haug

Ardhi University
Institutional cooperation agreement NMBU-Ardhi (2014-2019)
Type: Research, capacity strengthening, education, student exchange
Financed by: MFA/Norwegian Embassy 
Coordinator: Prof. Ruth Haug

Collaboration between Noragric and universities in Africa under the NORHED programme are listed here.



Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur 
Type: Field course (Master students) 
Financed by: Students through the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Statens Lånekasse) and educational funding
Coordinator: Dr.Darley J. Kjosavik

Tribhuvan University
Contact: Prof. Bishal Sitaula

Kathmandu University
Contact: Prof. Bishal Sitaula 

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology  
Research, education:
-EU-funded Horizon 2020 project: Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform. The project includes several partners.
-NORHED project Strengthening research, education and advocacy in conflict, peace and develoment studies in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, together with Pakistani partner Karakoram International University (and others, see the project page)

Contact: Dr. Ingrid Nyborg

Collaboration between Noragric and universities in Asia under the NORHED programme are listed here.


American University, Washington DC
Type: Bilateral, research (2017 - 2020)
Funded by: SIU, programme for strategic partnerships in North America.

Contact: Shai Divon



Drylands Coordination Group (DCG)
Framework agreement with the NGO-driven forum that exchanges practical experience and knowledge on food security and natural resource management in the drylands of Africa. 
Coordinator: Dr.Jens B. Aune

Framework agreement with NORAD
Noragric offers scientific advisory services, usually in the form of consultancy assignments and evaluations, in the field of agriculture, development, environment and food security.
Coordinator: Dr.Poul Wisborg

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