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What is your story

With heads and hearts into the future

New cross-faculty project at NMBU on the potential of digital storytelling as a tool for teaching and learning in today's digital society

Mountain lake

2 Noragric professors in intergovernmental nature assessment

How humans value nature and the results of these views has a major impact on biodiversity and ecosystems.


Exhibition: Visual methods in climate change adaptation research at Noragric

An illustration of visual methods for investigating social and ecological change. Showing at Vitenparken (Kornrommet) through December 2018.

Samuel Davis from New Zealand representing NMBU's international students at the university's matriculation ceremony 2018.

Why study International Relations at NMBU?

Master student Sam Davis gives us the inside scoop on NMBU's IR program, including his 12-week placement with the Norwegian Refugee Council in Nairobi and having a term paper published.  

The Crop Trust visits the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico.

Large NMBU project on seed security

Farmers’ access to seeds is the focus of a new project ‘Access to seeds: From emergencies to seed system development’, led by Ola Westengen and funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN).

Noragric alumna Linn Jaeckle working on a social cash transfer programme for UNICEF Malawi in Chitipa, spring 2018.

From NMBU to the UN

Linn Jaeckle is a Social Protection Officer with UNICEF Malawi. How did her Masters in International Development Studies, completed at NMBU's Department of International Environment and Development Studies help her career path? Read on.

Energy and Society

Stories of energy, society and the environment

Digital stories made by Noragric students and staff for the Masters course 'Energy and Society' (EDS349).

Paul Beaumont

Insight Out

Listen to Noragric PhD Fellow Paul Beaumont discuss how states strive for status, what it means to be a post-Cold War superpower and his own transition from Masters to PhD at NMBU. Episode 7 of the NMBU podcast 'Insight Out'. 

Oslo-byråd Lan Marie Nguyen Berg ønsket velkommen til årets POLLEN-konferanse foran et fullsatt auditorium med noen av de fremste internasjonale forskerne innen politisk økologi.

Noragric co-host one of the world's largest conferences in political ecology and green economy

Many of the big names in political ecology attended the POLLEN conference, opened by the Oslo Green Party's Lan Marie N. Berg in June 2018. With over 500 delegates from over 70 countries, the event is one of the largest in its field. 

Image from the Red Triangle: An abandoned Soviet rubber factory site in St. Petersburg (June 2015)

New Noragric project on urban margins, security and mobility in Russian cities

Led by Kirsti Stuvøy and funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Evaluation of the Social Sciences in Norway

Noragric research group given 'world class' status

Noragric's 'Rights, Accountability and Power in Development' (RAPID) research group receives top ranking from the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

Adapting crop and livestock to climate change in Mali

Adapting crops and livestock to climate change in Mali

A second phase of a Noragric project focused on improving food security in Mali was recently confirmed by Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly and the Norwegian embassy in Mali.  

POLLEN political ecology network

Noragric co-organises international conference on political ecology and the green economy.

Many of the big names in political ecology will be coming to Oslo for the POLLEN conference, 19-22 June 2018. With over 500 delegates from over 70 countries, the event is one of the largest in its field. 

Noragrics Siri Eriksen er en av hovedforfatterne av kapittelet om fattigdom og levekår i FNs klimarapport del 2.

Noragric's Siri Eriksen amongst Top 10 most downloaded

Top 10 downloaded articles in Taylor & Francis journal Climate & Development includes 2 co-authored by Noragric Professor Siri Eriksen.

Refugee camp

Security on the move

After decades of violent conflict, large numbers of Somalis have been displaced and the subsequent migration has contributed to the growth of cities across the country. This NMBU project, led by Durham University in the UK, will investigate links between urbanization and displacement in Somalia. Read more in the project’s first report.

Ruth Haug Room

The 'Ruth Haug Room' is now open for business

Former Noragric Library is now equipped as a meeting room for students and staff 

Painted border fence in Tijuana, US-Mexico border, January 2018

The Dreamers vs The Wall

Noragric Professor John-Andrew McNeish on life at the US-Mexico border, where he is currently on sabbatical. Latest entry in the Noragric Blog

Climate change

2 LANDSAM professors selected for UN Climate Panel

Noragric's Tor A. Benjaminsen and Siri Eriksen are selected to work on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s next assessment report. 


Management regimes for REDD+. Noragric report No. 82

Management regimes for REDD+: An analysis of the regime in the RDS Rio Negro REDD+ pilot

Find out what the drivers of deforestation are in the Brazilian Amazon, and how forests are managed in a REDD+ pilot study in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve in Amazonas. Latest publication in the Noragric Report Series. 

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in relation to Fisheries Management Challenges and Experiences from Developing Countries

Bryceson & Francis: Marine Protected Areas in relation to Fisheries Management

The role of Marine Protected Areas in the management of fisheries in developing countries is the theme of this new, open access book edited by Ian Bryceson and Julius Francis.

Shai Divon.

Shai Divon appointed new Head of Department at Noragric

From 1 January, Shai Divon will replace Poul Wisborg as Head of the Department of International Environment and Development Studies.

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Workers in terror-hit states: Join a union!

Noragric PhD alumna Camilla Houeland on trade unions in Nigeria. Interview in Morgenbladet's 'The Doctor Answers' series.

I desember 2016 mottok den colombianske presidenten, Juan Manuel Santos, Nobels fredspris for fredsprosessen i Colombia. I året etter har 56 sosiale ledere mistet livet og den colombianske regjeringen fortsetter å snakke om disse drapene som om de var tilfeldige fenomener, ifølge Cornelia Helmcke.

Political murder in Colombia continues without punishment

A year ago, the Colombian president was in Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize; the Colombian government promised to protect peasants, indigenous people and afro-descendants. They are not keeping that promise, writes Noragric PhD Fellow Cornelia Helmcke (also published in 

Morten Jerven er tatt opp til Akademiet for yngre forskere.

Morten Jerven joins the Young Academy of Norway

The Young Academy of Norway has assigned 14 new members. One of them is Morten Jerven, a Professor of Development Studies at Noragric. Congratulations!

Brenda Awuor Jimris-Rekve vant pris for beste oppgave 2017.

Prize for Best Master's Thesis goes to study on terrorism impacts

Noragric student Brenda Awuor Jimris-Rekve won the prize for Best Master’s Thesis at NMBU in 2016 for her work on the impact of terrorism on the Kenyan media. 

REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) er det største globale enkelttiltaket for å bevare natur i utviklingsland, og Norge er sterkt involvert. Pilotprosjekter blir blant annet gjennomført i Tanzania, hvor feltarbeidet for Øyvind Hystad Handbergs doktoravhandling ble gjennomført.

REDD+ in Tanzania

‘Success projects’ emerge in the wake of new development fads, and REDD+ in Zanzibar is at risk of becoming another example of a ‘conservation fad’

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New collaboration between the meat industry and NMBU

Project will explore new opportunities in livestock farming with the climate-friendly production and innovative marketing of over-wintered lamb. 

The City Rises. Umberto Bocciono

Call for papers: Violence and (In)Security in the City - Cities of Violence, Violence of Cities

International workshop at Durham University, UK, 22-23 June 2017

Participants of the PhD course 'Qualitative Methods in Development Studies', 2017.

How do I design robust and reliable research for my PhD thesis within social science?

Noragric offers a course in Qualitative Methods in Development Studies that provides methods and tools for data collection for PhD students.


Noragric in new Horizon 2020 Project: InnovAfrica

The project aims to improve food security in Africa by integrating ways of increasing productivity for smallholder farms with innovative institutional approaches, including the use of smart phone apps and social media to communicate techniques and information.

Image provided by the Norwegian Red Cross.

Should we adapt humanitarian aid to climate change?

Never before have so many people in the world been displaced, and climate change contributes to making the humanitarian crisis worse. Humanitarian aid alone can not resolve conflicts or climate problems, but it can help, say Siri Eriksen and Sigrid Nagoda in Dagsavisen.

Vladimir Putin with Yelena Mizulina.

The Politics of Fear: Russia Decriminalizes Violence against Women

Latest entry in the Noragric Blog by Kirsti Stuvøy, Associate Professor and Head of Education at the Faculty of Landscape and Society, NMBU.

Corruption, Natural Resources, and Development: From Resource Curse to Political Ecology

Corruption, Natural Resources and Development: From Resource Curse to Political Ecology

Newly published book with chapters by Noragric PhD Fellows Connor Cavanagh and Joseph Perfect Mrema


Lenaerts & Eriksen: Transformation in governance towards resilient food systems

CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Working Paper No. 190 co-authored by Lutgart Lenaerts and Siri Eriksen.
Shai André Divon

Divon: Negotiating justice - Legal pluralism and gender-based violence in Liberia

Article in Third World Quarterly (an NSD 'level 2' journal) by Shai Divon and NUPI's Morten Bøås

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Prof. Erik Gomez-Baggethun is selected for NMBU's Talent Programme 2017-2019

Erik is one of seven researchers at NMBU who will receive funds for a 3-year period under the NMBU Talent Programme.

Dr. Victoria H. Moshy

Successful PhD defence: Dr. Victoria Moshy

13 December Victoria Moshy successfuly defended her PhD thesis.

Congratulations to Victoria!

Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia: Brokering Peace, Piece by Piece

John-Andrew McNeish & Erika Rojas in Aftenposten and the Noragric Blog.

Darley Jose Kjosavik

Darley Kjosavik is now a Professor in Development Studies

Noragric is delighted to announce the promotion of Darley Kjosavik from Associate Professor to Professor.

A farmer on the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi prepares a field for planting.

Humanitarian policy and practice in a changing climate

New and innovative thinking is needed to link short-term emergency humanitarian responses to longer-term sustainable adaptation to climate change.

News Archive

News archive

Jerven: Africa by numbers - Reviewing the database approach to studying African economies.

Article by Morten Jerven in the Oxford Journal 'African Affairs'.

Assoc. Professor John McNeish, Noragric

McNeish: Extracting justice? Colombia’s commitment to mining and energy as a foundation for peace.

Article in the International Journal of Human Rights by John-Andrew McNeish, to be printed as part of special edition later this year.

The Sahel.

Does Climate Change Cause Conflicts in the Sahel?

Latest post in the Noragric Blog by Tor Arve Benjaminsen.

Photo: Shai Divon

PhD defence: Shai Divon

The examination committee has approved Shai's PhD thesis: "Exceptional Rules: U.S. Assistance Policy in Africa" for public defence. The defence will take place October 9th!

Ola Westengen

Wild plants can improve food security.

Norway is investing up to 400 million NOK over ten years in wild plants that could increase the world's agricultural crops and improve food security. Interview with Ola Westengen in 'Bistandsaktuelt'.

Stig Jarle Hansen

Somali militant group Al-Shabaab's staying power.

Article in Newsweek by Stig Jarle Hansen.

Assoc. Professor John McNeish, Noragric

Is Bolivia's president turning his back on indigenous people?

Associate Professor John McNeish is interviewed by France 24 about the Bolivian government's choice to put natural gas and oil extraction above the protection of indigenous land.

NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences

Call for papers for the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences

Now accepting submissions for Volume 6. Submission deadline: 1 December 2015. A great opportunity to get published.

Sindre T. Fjeldstad

New staff: Sindre Fjeldstad

Sindre is working part-time in the Noragric library.

Cornelia Helmcke

New PhD Fellow: Cornelia Helmcke

Research topic: 'The Colombian restructuring of environmental subjects – The case of the Yanacona People in San Agustín'

Lauren Guido

NMBU-student advises Orkla on sustainability

NMBU-student Lauren Guido has been selected to be on a student innovation team researching how Orkla can become become more attractive for the new generation of consumers through sustainability.

Lauren Guido

A shift in thinking

Noragric Bachelor Student Lauren Guido talks sustainability in the Noragric Blog.

Jill Buseth

The illusion of the green shift

"Green Economy has been embraced by the business community so much precisely because it has been called 'sustainable development without tears' - it is appealing to be able to continue to go for profit, and then put a green label on afterwards". Noragric PhD Fellow Jill Tove Buseth in Dagsavisen.

Mwamanongu Village water source, Tanzania. “In Meatu district, Shinyanga region, Tanzania, water most often comes from open holes dug in the sand of dry riverbeds, and it is invariably contaminated.”

The politics of water resources management in Africa.

A Special Issue of the journal 'Water Alternatives'  featuring the findings of a Noragric-led project on Integrated Water Resources Management in Africa is now published. Introduced in the Noragric Blog.

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Is Africa rising or reeling? New York Times on NMBU-research

The narrative of Africa rising was too rosy and based on inaccurate data, NMBU-Professor Morten Jerven tells The New York Times.

Paul Belesky

New staff member: Introducing Paul Belesky

Paul joins Noragric as a Postdoctoral Fellow working on the governance of global agri-food systems.​

2016 Nobel Peace Prize

From the Plebiscite for Peace to the Nobel Peace Prize

Noragric PhD Fellow Erika Rojas on the Colombian Peace Process. Latest entry in the Noragric Blog.

Court of Castle of Polish Kings in Niepołomice, 25 km from Kraków

Boosting the ICT4COP Research Agenda: Annual Conference

Last week around 60 researchers, police experts and research administrators met in Poland for the ICT4COP project’s annual conference.

Speak your mind

NMBU Workshop Series: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Three topics over three workshops. Limited places - registration required asap. 

Colombia Internacional

Call for Papers

Call for contributions to a special issue of the journal Colombia Internacional, coordinated by Noragric Professor John-Andrew McNeish

Kirsti Stuvøy

Kirsti Stuvøy to embark on a Senior Research Fellowship at Durham University

She will work on the new project 'Global Transitions: Capitalism, Cities and Security'. 

Contested Powers: The Politics of Energy and Development in Latin America

Noragric co-authored book reviewed in leading anthropology journal

'Contested Powers: The Politics of Energy and Development in Latin America', co-edited/authored by John Andrew McNeish is reviewed in 'Anthropology Today'.

William Warner

NMBU’s Education Prize goes to William Warner and the Writing Centre

The Education Prize is awarded biennially by the NMBU University Board.  This year, 100 000 NOK was presented to Bill Warner at the matriculation ceremony for new students.

Teshome Hunduma

Introducing Noragric PhD Fellow Teshome Hunduma

Welcome back to NMBU, Teshome!

The Red Square, view from northwest, showing St Basil Cathedral and the Saviour Tower

Kirsti Stuvøy to head a project promoting internships in teaching, within the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme

Project title: Teaching, learning and outreach: Promoting practice in teaching
(NCM - RU - 2016/10026)

A Brazilian Air Force plane flies during an exercise ahead the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Crime, Zika and terrorism at the Rio Games 2016

Recent Noragric alumnus Eric Cezne (MSc International Relations) on the securities at stake at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, 2016. Latest post in the Noragric Blog.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Gómez-Baggethun: Resilience of small-scale societies - a view from drylands

Article co-authored by Erik Gómez-Baggethun in Ecology and Society.

Lars Olav Eik

Eik: Climate change adaptation in vulnerable crop and livestock production systems in Mgeta, Tanzania

Article by Z.C. Nziku, L.J. Asheim, L.O. Eik, D. Mwaseba and G.C. Kifaro in the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development.  

Image provided by the Norwegian Red Cross.

Humanitarian policy and practice in a changing climate. Missed this conference? Watch here.

Final conference for the project 'Courting Catastrophe? Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate'. 

News archive

Jerven: Discrepancies - Why Do GDP Growth Rates Differ?

Article by Morten Jerven in the 'Journal of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies'.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Gómez-Baggethun: Four new articles

In 'Ecology and Society', 'Environmental Science & Policy' and 'Land Use Policy'

Participants of the project 'Greenmentality: A Political Ecology of the Green Economy in the Global South' at its kickoff in Oslo.

Kickoff of the project 'Greenmentality: A Political Ecology of the Green Economy in the Global South'.

The FRIPRO Toppforsk project kicked of on 15 June at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Black soldier fly in the pupal phase.

Insects are the future…so let’s do this

These are the words of NMBU PhD Fellow Zabron Nziku and Noragric alumni Alexander Solstad Ringheim and Lukas van der Horst, whose animal-feed company InvertaPro went through to the Norwegian final of the Climate Launchpad, which took place on 15 June in Trondheim.

Shai Divon at the Diploma Ceremony in honour of the 2016-17 Norwegian Fulbright grantees, 8 June at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo.

Shai Divon awarded a Fulbright Stipend for research in the U.S., 2016/17

Divon was presented with the award by the US Ambassador to Norway, Samuel D. Heins and Wegger Chr. Strømmen, Secretary General at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hans Nicolai Adam

‘Maximum city’ under pressure: Mumbai and its contested spaces of development

Latest Noragric Blog post written by Hans Nicolai Adam (Postdoctoral Fellow, Noragric) and Synne Movik (Research Scientist, NIVA, former Noragric Postdoctoral Fellow).

Morten Jerven, Noragric

World Auditor: Inside the International Monetary Fund

Latest Noragric Blog post by Morten Jerven.

NMBU reorganisation: A model with eight units

A new NMBU: Reflections on a model with eight units

Poul Wisborg, Head of Department
Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric

Noragrics Siri Eriksen er en av hovedforfatterne av kapittelet om fattigdom og levekår i FNs klimarapport del 2.

Eriksen: Addressing the risk of maladaptation to climate change

Advanced review co-authored by Siri Eriksen in 'Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change'.

Development in Practice

Haug & Synnevåg: If technology is the answer, what does it take?

Article by Ruth Haug, Joseph P. Hella, Susan Nchimbi-Msolla, Dismas L. Mwaseba & Gry Synnevåg in 'Development in Practice'.

Stig Jarle Hansen

Stig Jarle Hansen talks to Radio France International about the arrival of British troops in Somalia.

"The real threat of Al-Shabaab in Somalia is the lack of security provided in the countryside. They're allowed to operate very freely in the countryside, there's little local security, and the Somali security forces do not function properly."

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Derman: Review of 'Land, Mobility and Belonging in West Africa' by Carola Lentz

Book review by Bill Derman in 'American Anthropologist'.

Arild Vatn receiving the Kenneth Boulding Award 2016 at Washington DC.

Noragric's Arild Vatn awarded prestigous international prize

Vatn won the award for his work in environmental governance. Kanchan Chopra, retired Director and Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth in Delhi, shared the prize.

John Magufuli

The president of Tanzania's dark side

Since his inauguration in November, Tanzania's new president John Magufuli has been hailed for his fight against corruption. Less well known is the restriction of freedom of expression and democratic human rights under his leadership. Noragric PhD Fellow Grete Benjaminsen in 'Bistandsaktuelt'. 

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The pot calling the kettle black: Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment

Eduado Cunha, President of the Lower House of Congress, is leading the impeachment process. Cunha is himself under investigation himself for corruption and money laundering. Kjersti Thorkildsen in the Noragric Blog.

Environmental Research Letters

Article co-authored by Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Espen Sjaastad selected for ERL's 'Highlights of 2015'

The article, 'Climate variability, food production shocks, and violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa' was selected by the editors of Environmental Research Letters (ERL) for inclusion in the exclusive ‘Highlights of 2015’ collection. Papers are chosen on the basis of referee endorsement, novelty, scientific impact and breadth of appeal (Source: ERL).

'Throes of Creation' by Leonid Pasternak

Publication points 2015: A fruitful year for Noragric

In 2015, Noragric was the department at NMBU that earned the highest percentage of points from Level 2 publications, the second highest publication points per staff member, and took fourth place for the total number of publication points. Good work Noragric!

John Andrew McNeish, Noragric

Financing for PhD course awarded to a team led by John-Andrew McNeish

The grant comes from the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA).


Norway against smallhoders.

Noragric PhD Fellow Mikael Bergius in the Noragric Blog.

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Social science on its deathbed.

Irresponsible university reform. Morten Jerven in the Noragric Blog.

Lutgart Lenaerts

Lenaerts: Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants from degraded dry afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia - Species, uses and conservation challenges

Article by Kidane Giday, Lutgart Lenaerts, Kindeya Gebrehiwot, Gidey Yirga and Bart Muys in the Journal of Herbal Medicine.

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Morten Jerven contributes to the International Monetary Fund’s evaluation of its own data.

A paper by Jerven assessing the International Monetary Fund’s quality assurance of its data and statistics for low-income countries formed part of the organisation’s recent evaluation report.

President Yuweri Museveni of Uganda.

Latest Noragric Blog post: The `Big Man Syndrome` in Africa

By Sean Jacobs (New School, New York) and Camilla Houeland (PhD Fellow, Noragric)

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Noragric fights for its continued existence as a department at NMBU

By Poul Wisborg, Head of Department, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric


Visiting PhD Fellows on NORHED projects

Have you met our visiting PhD Fellows yet?

GBV in Liberia

Gender-based violence and justice in Liberia

Latest entry to the Noragric Blog by Noragric Postdoctoral Fellow Shai Divon and NUPI's Morten Bøås.

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Best year ever?

"When I’m in the same room as Bill Gates, the average wealth is very high – but that doesn’t help me". Morten Jerven in the Noragric Blog.

NMBU-forsker Stig Jarle Hansen mener årets fredspris er en av de viktigste på mange år.

Despite U.S. airstrikes, Al-Shabaab is rising again

Interview with Stig Jarle Hansen in The Washington Post

Photo: Shai Divon

Divon: Gender Based Violence and Access to Justice - The case of Ganta, Liberia

NUPI Working Paper by Shai Divon, T. Debey Sayndee and Morten Bøås

Stig Jarle Hansen

Al-Shabaab 'can survive for 30 years'

Interview with Stig Jarle Hansen in Kenyan newspaper 'Daily Nation'

Ola Westengen

Food is out.

Norway no longer has a strategy for food security in its development policy. Ola Westengen in Bistandsaktuelt/Noragric Blog.

Camilla Houeland

'Big Man' Syndrome

Why do so many African leaders cling to power?, asks Noragric PhD Fellow Camilla Houeland in 'Dagsavisen'.

Noragric Masters (International Relations) student, Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany

Introducing the Noragric Blog

Welcome to this new communication channel for staff and students at Noragric, to initiate debate and discussion within current and diverse themes addressed by the department.

Philosophy books

Philosophy Fridays

Monthly gatherings at the main NMBU Library for philosophical reflections with invited guests, open discussion, interesting themes – and not least home-made chocolate cookies!

Ola Westengen

In order for agriculture to adapt to climate change, crops need a broader genetic base.

Interview with Ola Westengen on NRK's radio programme 'Ekko'.

Lars Kåre Grimsby

Grimsby & Treiber: Multiple biomass fuels and improved cook stoves from Tanzania assessed with the Water Boiling Test

Article in 'Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments' by Lars Kåre Grimsby, Hassan Mtoro Rajabu & Michael Treiber.

Lars Olav Eik

Selemani & Eik: The effects of concentrate supplementation on growth performance and behavioral activities of cattle grazed on natural pasture.

Short Communications article by Ismail Saidi Selemani and Lars Olav Eik in Tropical Animal Health and Production.

News archive

The fascinating power of precision.

Read Morten Jerven's latest column in Bistandsaktuelt.

Ola Westengen

Westengen: The State of Food Security - From Availability, Access and Rights to Food Systems Approaches

Article in 'Forum for Development Studies' by Ola Westengen and SUM's Dan Banik.

Stig Jarle Hansen

Is Al-Shabaab training Boko Haram fighters?

Interview with Stig Jarle Hansen in Newsweek.

Ingrid Nyborg

When states must be rebuilt

Ingrid Nyborg in 'Dagens Næringsliv'.

Jill Buseth

The Green Economy is overshadowing important problems

Feature article in by Noragric PhD Fellow Jill Tove Buseth

Gender Equality and Sustainability

Mehta: Sustainable development - A gendered pathways approach

Chapter by Melissa Leach and Lyla Mehta in the book 'Gender Equality and Sustainable Development (Pathways to Sustainability)'.

Lyla Mehta

Consumption and our identy

Listen to Lyla Mehta on the BBC World Services programme 'The Forum'

Morten Jerven, Noragric

Morten Jerven is selected for the NMBU Talent Programme

Jerven is one of 15 academic staff at NMBU selected for the programme, and is one of 8 that will start in 2016.

Jill Tove Buseth

The green shift: Look at the underlying motives

Noragric PhD Fellow Jill Tove Buseth on the shift to a greener economy. Interview in

Professor i internasjonale miljø- og utviklingsstudier (Noragric) Tor Arve Benjaminsen.

Noragric receives Toppforsk funding

‘Greenmentality: A Political Ecology of the Green Economy in the Global South’, led by Tor Arve Benjaminsen, is one of two NMBU projects to be funded by 'FRIPRO Toppforsk', a scheme that provides opportunities for well-established researchers to become international leaders in their field by providing a longer project period and a more favourable financial framework than other FRIPRO schemes.

Stig Jarle Hansen

"Al-Shabaab will destroy the peace"

Stig Jarle Hansen talks to NRK about last night's attacks at Lido Beach in Mogadishu in which at least 17 were killed. Hansen was at Lido Beach just 3 days ago.  

Eirin Hongslo

Hongslo: An ecology of difference. Fence-line contrast photographs as scientific models in ecology.

Article in the 'Journal of Political Ecology' by Noragric PhD alumna Eirin Hongslo.

Checkpoint, Western Sahara

Three Noragric students expelled from Western Sahara

32 students were expelled from the country in recent days, including Noragric's Tess Espey, Kerime van Opijnen and Michael Foster.

Samisk reindrift: Norske myter

Benjaminsen: Samisk reindrift - Norske myter

Book edited by Tor Arve Benjaminsen, Inger Marie Gaup Eira & Mikkel Nils Sara with chapters co-authored by Benjaminsen, Espen Sjaastad, Andrei Marin and Kathrine Ivsett Johnsen. Published in Norwegian by 'Fagbokforlaget'.

A composite image of the Western hemisphere of the Earth

The Politics of Adaptation

Special Section on the Politics of Adaptation in Global Environmental Change, edited by Noragric’s Siri Eriksen and Andrea Nightingale (Noragric and SLU), and Hallie Eakin (Arizona State University).

Arild Vatn

Environmental Governance: Institutions, Policies and Actions

Book by Arild Vatn published by the NSD-accredited Level 2 publisher Edward Elgar Publishing

Environmental Research Letters

Benjaminsen & Sjaastad: Climate variability, food production shocks, and violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

Article co-authored by Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Espen Sjaastad in 'Environmental Research Letters'.

Camilla Houeland

Houeland: Casualisation and Conflict in the Niger Delta: Nigerian Oil Workers' Unions Between Companies and Communities

Article by Camilla Houeland in the University of Paris journal 'Revue Tiers Monde'.

Morten Jerven

Jerven: Does it pay to be poor? Testing for systematically underreported GNI estimates

Article by Andrew Kerner, Morten Jerven and Alison Beatty in 'The Review of International Organizations'

Photo: Shai Divon

Shai Divon returns to Noragric as a Postdoctoral Fellow in International Relations

Shai's new position will focus on the analysis of Norwegian Development Assistance.

Chaplain Kenyi Wani (left) and Victoria Matatio Elia show where South Sudan is on the map.

Peace through education

A NORHED project at NMBU, 'Democratic and economic governance and peace building in South Sudan and Ethiopia' works with the University of Juba. Two of the project's PhD students are currently at Noragric.

Morten Jerven

African economies are doing better than we think - and that's a problem

Morten Jerven interviewed on prime-time Canadian national radio, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Noor Elahi

PhD defence: Noor Elahi 17 December

The defence will start with the trial lecture: The influence of Taliban on social structures, ethnic formations, political change & development in Swat, Pakistan at 12:15. Place: Tower building: Auditorium 101.


Millions in funding for NMBU-research under FRIPRO-scheme

NMBU's scientists are making an even greater mark than last year in this year's allocation of funding for independent projects from The Research Council of Norway.

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McNeish joins the International Advisory Board of the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies

John-Andrew McNeish accepted an invitation to join the International Advisory Board of the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies (LACES) for a seven year period.

Dr. Katharina Glaab

New staff member: Katharina Glaab

Katharina Glaab joins Noragric as an Associate Professor in Global Change and International Relations.

Assoc. Professor John McNeish, Noragric

John-Andrew McNeish is now Professor in International Development and Environmental Studies

Noragric is delighted to announce the promotion of John-Andrew McNeish from Associate Professor to Professor.

Sunetro Ghosal

Ghosal: Locating Human-Wildlife Interactions - Landscape Constructions and Responses to Large Carnivore Conservation in India and Norway

Article in 'Conservation & Society' by Sunetro Ghosal, Ketil Skogen and Siddhartha Krishnan.

Forest Policy and Economics

Trædal, Vedeld & Pétursson: Analyzing the transformations of forest PES in Vietnam - Implications for REDD+

Article by Leif Tore Trædal, Pål Olav Vedeld & Jón Geir Pétursson in 'Forest Policy and Economics'

Morten Jerven

The financial crisis showed that agencies’ risk evaluations were worth nothing

International organisations increasingly depend on international indicators or rankings to take decisions. Morten Jerven is sceptical. Column in Klassekampen.

Morten Jerven

Opportunistic Aid Cuts

Morten Jerven: The Norwegian government is using an external crisis to make rapid gains in an internal conflict by cutting Norwegian aid. Article in Dagens Næringsliv

Poul Wisborg, Head of Department, Noragric

Against cuts in funding of research on development and global challenges

An open letter by Noragric Head of Department, Poul Wisborg.

Mikael Bergius

Noragric PhD Fellow Mikael Bergius wins the Norwegian Association for Development Research (NFU) Master’s Thesis Award 2015

Bergius completed his Masters in International Environmental Studies at Noragric in 2014. The award was announced at the Nordic Conference on Development Research – NorDev15 in Gothenburg.

Frode Bjerkås

Frode Bjerkås is now at Noragric full-time

Frode Bjerkås is a Research Communications Specialist working on the EU-funded Horizon project ‘Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform’, headed by Ingrid Nyborg

Uzair Ahmed

Don’t explain all the misery in the world with Islam.

Noragric Master student, Uzair Ahmed, in Aftenposten responding to Mahammad Rah’s article ‘Women in many Islamic societies are often subordinate to men'.

Ola Westengen

A clear ideological shift

Ola Westengen in Klassekampen on the ideology behind the proposed cuts and shifting priorities related to food security and agricultural development in the Norwegian budget 2016

Africa: Why Economists Get it Wrong

Caught between tragedies and miracles.

Morten Jerven summarizes his book 'Africa. Why Economists Get It Wrong'  in an article in ‘Minerva

Morten Jerven

Africa: why we need to study economies, not economics

Morten Jerven in the comment and analysis site, African Arguments.

Morten Jerven

Jerven: Statistical Tragedy in Africa? Evaluating the Database for African Economic Development

Book edited by Morten Jerven and Deborah Johnston. Published by Taylor & Francis (2015).

ISU Norway

Two Noragric students recently elected to top positions on the Board of the International Students' Union (ISU) of Norway

Abraham Robert Vysocky is now the National President of ISU and Edith Kitsao is the Vice President of Welfare and Academic Affairs at the organisation. Both are studying for their Master's in International Relations at Noragric.

Rita Katusiime Sandvik

Ritah Sandvik returns to Noragric

A familiar face at Noragric, Ritah Katusiime Sandvik is currently working at the department as a Research Assistant with the project ‘Courting Catastrophe? Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate’.

News archive

Expand, don’t cut, international scholarship programmes

Noragric Head of Department Poul Wisborg on the proposed cuts in the Quota scholarship programme in the Norwegian National Budget for 2016

Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute

Visit to NMBU by the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) and partners

On 16 October, NMBU received a delegation from Ethiopia to explore the potential for collaboration among Ethiopian and Norwegian institutions working on environmental issues.

Hans N. Adam

PhD Defence: Hans Nicolai Adam, Tuesday 13 October

The examination committee has approved Hans's PhD thesis: "Development in a changing climate: Local impacts of India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in Attappady, Kerala" for public defence. The defence will take place October 13th!

Lyla Mehta

Lyla Mehta's synopsis of the project 'Flows and Practices: The Politics of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Africa'

The project wrapped up with a recent dialogue meeting hosted by South Africa's Water Research Commission in Pretoria.

Morten Jerven

Nigeria's political and statistical revolutions

Morten Jerven in the award-winning magazine The Africa Report

Morten Jerven

Pick a number.

Morten Jerven writes about the World Bank's change in how they define extreme poverty in his monthly column in Klassekampen.

Delegation from Ardhi University, Tanzania (from left: Riziki Shemdoe, Fredrick Salukele, Dean Eva Falleth, Robert Kiunsi, Ombeni Swai, Sofia Kongela).

Delegation from Ardhi University, Tanzania, visit NMBU

On Wednesday 30 September, Noragric welcomed six staff from Ardhi University. NMBU and Ardhi entered into a 5-year institutional collaboration agreement last year and the group arrived in Norway on Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the agreement.

Global Environment Change (Elsevier)

Eriksen, Nightingale & Eakin: Reframing adaptation - The political nature of climate change adaptation

Article in 'Gobal Environmental Change' by Siri Eriksen, Andrea Nightingale & Hallie Eakin

Water and sunlight

'Flows and Practices' project wraps up in South Africa

The RCN funded project 'Flows and Practices: The Politics of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Africa' concluded with a workshop for participants of the partner institutions, and presentation of their findings to a wider audience in a Water Research Commission Dialogue meeting.

Contested Powers: The Politics of Energy and Development in Latin America

Invitation to contribute to a photographic exhibition within the theme of energy, politics and/or development

Staff and students at NMBU's Faculty of Social Sciences are invited to contribute to a photographic exhibition at Vitenparken in association with the launch of the book 'Contested Powers: The Politics of Energy and Development in Latin America'.

Bildet viser piratforsker Stig Jarle Hansen ved Noragric UMB

Stig Hansen: Concerns for Yemen

As the UN condemns the denial of suffering in the escalating conflict in Yemen, Stig Jarle Hansen expresses concern over potential government collapse, prolonged civil war, refugee crises and the creation of another haven for terrorist groups in the country.  Interview in Vårt Land.

B.A. Nasir from the Police Experts Network and Jaishankar Ganapathy from the Norwegian Police University College

Kickoff of the Horizon 2020 Project: Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform (ICT4COP)

The extensive project got underway with a 4-day workshop at Oscarsborg Fortress near Drøbak, attended by over 60 international participants from South Asian, African, Latin American and European partner institutions.

John Andrew McNeish

McNeish: The Devil Never Left - Indigeneity and Protest in Morales’ Bolivia

Chapter in: Indigenous Politics - Institutions, Representation, Mobilisation, (Berg-Nordlie, M., Saglie, J., & Sullivan, A. Eds., 2015), Colchester, pp. 277-300.


Visiting PhD Fellows

A welcome to 8 PhD Fellows, currently visiting Noragric as part of two NORHED projects.

Mikael Bergius

New PhD Fellow: Mikael Bergius

Research topic: 'Turning Towards a Corporate Food Regime in Tanzania: A Multilevel Study of Drivers, Impacts and Responses'

Girmay Kahsay Gebremeskel

New PhD Fellow: Girmay Kahsay Gebremeskel

Research topic: 'Integrated Farming Systems and Rural Livelihoods in the Northern Drylands of Ethiopia'

Paul Beaumont

An 'extreme candidate'?

Noragric PhD Fellow Paul Beaumont on Øivind Bratberg's recent analysis of Jeremy Corbyn's status in the 2015 UK Labour Party leadership elections. Feature article in 'Klassekampen'.

School-led total sanitation "triggering" event: These school children in West Bengal, India are looking at a glass of water and fresh feces. Flies will pass from the water to the feces and back... This demonstrates how water can get polluted with pathogens.

Seminar in Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS)

'Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS): Challenges of scaling up and sustainability'. Seminar by Dr. Kamal Kar, Chairperson CLTS Foundation.

TIME: Thursday 27 August, 14:00. PLACE: Yellow Room, Economy Building, NMBU

Niger flag

State Visit from Niger

A delegation from Niger headed by the country's Prime Minister, H.E. Brigi Rafini, visit NMBU in connection with the planned Noragric project ‘Food Security and Climate Change in Niger’

Paul Beaumont

New PhD Fellow: Paul Beaumont

PhD Fellow in International Relations

Anette Virtanen

New staff member: Anette Virtanen

Study Advisor/Coordinator for BSc International Environment and Development Studies and MSc International Environment Studies

Morten Jerven

New staff member: Morten Jerven

Associate Professor in Global Change and International Relations

Ola Westengen

Ola Westengen on Norwegian agricultural aid in Africa

Feature article in 'Bistandsaktuelt'

Paul Beaumont

Newly appointed Noragric PhD Fellow in Aftenposten

Paul Beaumont on Norway's Socialist Left party (SV) in a feature article for Aftenposten Meninger

Students at Campus Ås, NMBU

Welcome to New Noragric Students 2015

All of us at Noragric extend a warm welcome to each of our new students!

Ingrid Nyborg, Abda Khalid, Noor Elahi and colleagues, Islamabad, Pakistan

Summary of recent COMSATS/Noragric workshop

Workshop: Understanding Gender, Human Security and Development in Post-Conflict Swat, Pakistan: Implications for Policy and Practice

Sayuni B. Mariki

PhD defence Sayuni Mariki

The evaluation committee has approved her thesis for public defence which will take place 17 June. The thesis title is: Communities and conservation in West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Participation, costs and benefits

Paul Robbins

Frogs and Workers: The Biogeography of the Commodity Economy in Karnataka India

Open seminar at Noragric with Professor Paul Robbins - 8 June 2015

John Andrew McNeish

Striking a New Balance? Exploring Civil-Military Relations in Colombia in a Time of Hope

Report co-authored by John Andrew McNeish as part of the CMI Working Papers series

Lyla Mehta

Lyla Mehta leads the team for landmark report from the HLPE

The report, by the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on Food Security and Nutrition, is the first of its kind to connect water, food security and nutrition (Source: IDS, UK)

Ola Westengen

`A worldwide network of seed information is taking root`

Ola Westengen on efforts to preserve and protect plant information.

Energy for Sustainable Development

Treiber, Grimsby & Aune: Reducing energy poverty through increasing choice of fuels and stoves in Kenya - Complementing the multiple fuel model

Article in Energy for Sustainable Development by Michael Treiber, Lars Kåre Grimsby and Jens B. Aune.

Bishal Sitaula and staff at LUANAR, Malawi

E-learning and research documentation connects Malawi and the West Balkans to Noragric

From 16 – 22 May Noragric/NMBU welcomes three staff from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Malawi, and three from the West Balkan.  

Lars Olav Eik

Eik: Growth and chemical composition of chicory and performance of lambs grazing chicory relative to grass-clover mixtures

Article co-authored by Lars Olav Eik in Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Science

Silje Marie Andersen

Considering time out from your studies? Internship in the Middle East: a first-hand account

Current International Relations student Silje Marie Andersen on her internship at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Leopard in an Indian sugarcane field © Conservation India. Photo: Vidya Athreya

Ghosal & Kjosavik: Living with Leopards - Negotiating Morality and Modernity in Western India

Sunetro Ghosal and Darley Jose Kjosevik on the complex relationships between humans and leopards in India. Article in Society and Natural Resources.

Kirsti Stuvøy

Stuvøy: The Uncertain Security. Human security 1994–2014

Article by Kirsti Stuvøy in 'Internasjonal Politikk'

Kernals from local varieties of maise.

Norwegian farmers can learn about adaptation from farmers in Ecuador

Article on Kristine Skarbø's research in

Simon Pahle

Simon Pahle on recent Human Rights report to the Norwegian parliament

Article by Noragric lecturer in Bistandsaktuelt.

Cecilie Hirsch

When journalists are the spokespersons for the mining industry

Article co-written by Cecilie Hirsch in Bistandsaktuelt.

Memorial service in connection with the Garissa attack

Al-Shabaab attack on Garissa University College threatens the academic community world-wide

Al-Shabaab has taken responsibility for one of the deadliest attacks on students and on an academic institution.

Crowds outside Garissa University College. (Image © CNN)

Hansen on Al Shabaab Regional Commander Mohamed Mohamud

Stig Jarle Hansen interviewed by CNN.

Ethiopian troops in Somalia

Al Shabaab's current status in relation to the recent attack on Garissa University College, Kenya.

Stig Jarle Hansen in the New York Times (Image © Daniel Berehulak/New York Times)

Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany

Article by Noragric International Relations student Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany

Okwany writes about Kenya's fight against terrorism for the Norwegian Council for Africa.

10-year old Shaimaa Yusuf, Yemeni asylum seeker deported from Norway last year With her mother and siblings

Stig J. Hansen on the deportation of a Yemeni asylum seeker family in November last year

Interview in Aftenposten
(Image © Håvard Bjelland/Aftenposten)

Bombed residential area in Yemen's capital, Sana

Stig J. Hansen on how Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen could strengthen Al-Qaida.

Interview in Aftenposten
(Image © Khaled Abdullah/Reuters/NTB scanpix)

Elgailani Abdalla

Guest: ElGailani Abdalla

Plant breeder and agronomist, El Obeid Agriculture Research Station, Sudan.

Ola Westengen

New staff member: Ola Westengen

Associate Professor in Agricultural Development

Mall of America, Minnesota (In: Global Observatory, IPI).

Stig J. Hansen on Al-Shabaab's threat to the West

Feature article in Global Observatory, IPI
(Image © Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

Conference on radicalisation and violent extremism, Larvik

Stig J. Hansen speaks at conference on radicalisation and violent extremism

Hansen was one of the researchers talking to personnel working with children and youth in an effort to combat radicalisation and violent extremism.


NMBU Master and PhD students can now apply for travel / research grants

Grants are for a maximum of 30 000 NOK. Application deadline: 30 March

Noragric, Tivoli building

Vacancies: 2 Postdocs and 3 PhD fellowships

Noragric has 5 positions available within: International Relations, Political Ecology, Food and Agricultural Development and Climate Change.

Photo: Shai Divon

Shai Divon's research featured in

Noragric PhD candidate Shai Divon on factors that drive American and Norwegian decisions on aid. Interview with 

EU flag

Noragric receives its first EU project

Noragric received a positive reply to its application “Community-based policing and post-conflict police reform” under the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

Logo: Ecology and Society

Karlsson: What we have lost and cannot become

Marianne Karlsson with colleagues from Cicero have published an article in Ecology and Society. It is an open access publication.

Bonne Louise

Sweet are the fruits of labor: jam making the Norwegian-Bosnian way

Did you know that jam and biscuit making can lead to a PhD? And did you know that a Norwegian pear variety (“Ingeborg”) was supposedly saved thanks to research collaboration with the University of Sarajevo?

Rannveig Formo

Noragric graduate Rannveig Formo now works at Norwegian Embassy in Indonesia

Rannveig Formo graduated from Noragric with an MSc in International Environment Studies.

Deer stone Mongolia

New Project: Social-Ecological Transformations

Andrei Marin, in collaboration with other researchers from Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the UK, has received funding from JPI Climate for their project called Social-Ecological Transformations: HUMan-ANimal Relations Under Climate Change in NORthern Eurasia.

Book cover: Sustainable intesification Springer

Book edited by Lars Olav Eik and others

Title: Sustainable Intensification to Advance Food Security and Enhance Climate Resilience in Africa. The book is an important output from the EPINAV-CCIAM programs and it is available online.


Workshop: Political Ecologies of the Green Economy

Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Connor Cavanagh are organizing this workshop in conjunction with the Norwegian Political Ecology Network, which will be held at the Oslo Litteraturhuset, 10-11 December.

Mari Sundli Tveit, rektor ved NMBU

University rectors want to pay the bill for international students.

The government suggests that students coming from outside the EU should pay NOK95 000 per year to be able to study in Norway. But half of the rectors at the Norwegian universities prefer to pay the cost themselves.

Fighting piracy off the coats of Somalia

Gaas in Fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia

PhD candidate Mohamed Gaas has contributed a chapter in a report by the European Union Institute for Security Studies.

Value Chain Analysis

Training in Agriculture Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis (VCA) and development is becoming more and more popular among the large multinational organizations, as well as within research. The goal with this 2-day training workshop was to introduce the concept of VCA and enable the participants to get basic knowledge on how to conduct value chain analysis.

Head of Noragric Department, Poul Wisborg

‘Closing the door’: Government proposes tuition fees for students from outside the EEA

On 8 October, the Norwegian government presented its public sector budget for 2015. One proposal is to introduce tuition fees in higher education for students coming from outside the EEA – effectively non-European students.

Herding horses, Mongolia

Conference: The politics of climate change adaptation, October 20 and 21

The main goal of this two-day conference, organised by Noragric, is to assess and summarize experiences that illuminate the importance of political processes in climate change adaptation.

Christin M. Ormhaug

Christin M. Ormhaug successfully defended her PhD Thesis

Chirstin gave an interesting trial lecture and defended her thesis on "Effects of civil war on maternal and child health care in sub-Saharan Africa" very well.

Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen

Hansen: How will the death of its leader, Ahmed Godane, impact Al Shabaab?

Stig Jarle Hansen about the consequences of the death of Al Shabaab's leader in African Arguments.

Trygve Berg, Noragric

Trygve Berg reflects on 27 years at Noragric

As Trygve formally retired on 1 September after 27 years at Noragric, it is time to reflect on time past – and hear about future plans.

Anders Sundstøl Bjørkheim

Noragric's IR student gets university's best thesis award for 2013

Former M-IR student Anders Sundstøl Bjørkheim was awarded the prize for the university’s best master's thesis for 2013.

Noragric students

Noragric welcomes new students

Welcome to all new Noragric students! During the introduction we met students from all over the world who really give an international character to Noragric's study programmes.

Young professional Tanzanians visiting NMBU

Seven Tanzanians are currently at NMBU, primarily at Noragric and the Dept. of Ecology and Natural Resources Management (INA). They are funded through the CCIAM and EPINAV programmes and most are linked to specific projects.

Introduction Day for Noragric Students 2014

Monday, August 11th 2013 at 09:00 – 12:30
Festsalen, Samfunnet

New Article: Continuity and change: understanding livelihood shifts and adaptation in coastal Belize 18302012

Marianne Karlsson and Ian Bryceson just published an article in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability.

Stig Jarle Hansen in the Somaliland Times on How Africa can Beat Terrorism

The Somaliland Times refers to Stig Jarle Hansen and his book on Al-Shabaab in Somalia: The History and Ideology of a Militant Islamist Group, 2005-2012 in their article that attempts to answer the question: "
what can Africa do to arrest the situation – now that both Boko Haram and al-Shabaab appear to be going for broke and expanding their paths of death into neighboring countries?"

Redd++ Report

Report on REDD+ interventions in Ghana

Report by Darley Jose Kjosavik, Rosemary Agbefu, Rosemond Agbefu and Gene Birikorang (2013)

Cattle herding by pastoralists, Ethiopia.

What can our forefathers teach us about climate adaptation?

New research demonstrates that even 8,000-10,000 years ago, people had strategies on coping with climate change – and lessons to teach us today.

Jason Miklian, PhD Defence

Defence by Jason Miklian: Mining, Displacement and Conflict in Maoist India.

Jason Miklian defended his thesis successfully on Friday, June 27th.

PhD Defence by Jason Miklian: Mining, Displacement and Conflict in Maoist India

The evaluation committee of Jason Miklian's PhD thesis has approved the thesis for public defence which will take place june 27th, 2014. The tiltle of the trial lecture is: 'Large-scale land acquisitions, displacement and conflict – the Indian mining industry in a global perspective.


Stig Jarle Hansen on Al-Shabaab in Africa and elsewhere

Stig Jarle Hansen, author of Al Shabaab in Somalia: The History and Ideology of a Militant Islamist Group, 2005-2012 (Hurst 2013) has been asked to share his perspectives on growing concerns over the safety of the world.

Seminar: Emerging Experiences of Community Policing in Afghanistan

On behalf of NMBU and the Norwegian Police University college, Norgaric invites you to an exciting seminar on Emerging Experiences of Community Policing in Afghanistan: What have we learned so far? 23rd June 2014 08:30 to 16:00, Literaturhuset.

New article by Ngwira and Aune: DSSAT modelling of conservation agriculture maize response to climate change in Malawi

Amos Robert Ngwira, Jens Bernt Aune and Christian Thierfelder published an article in Soil & Tillage Research.

3 new articles by Lyla Metha:

Lyla Metha with others have just published three articles!

Arild Vatn opening the summer school

Thor Heyerdahl Summer School 2014: The Green Economy

24 participants from all over the world were present for the Thor Heyerdahl Summer School 2014. Lectures were open to all. 

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