Eldis cooperation for 10 years

The Noragric department library of NMBU University Library has delivered data to Eldis for the last ten years. This occasion is marked by an open day on Wednesday 30 April.

Eldis cooperation for 10 years

A solid information database

Eldis is a database run by Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.  In the database can be found information about full-text documents regarding development studies. The Noragric Library’s niche is documents in the area environment and development, with a connection to Norway.

Library at Noragric, NMBU.  Librarians Hilde Kristin Langsholt and Liv T. Ellingsen invite to an open-day, April 30.
Library at Noragric, NMBU. Librarians Hilde Kristin Langsholt and Liv T. Ellingsen invite to an open-day, April 30. Photo: Gisle Bjrneby
These could be documents published by a Norwegian organization, written by a Norwegian author, or it could concern a Norwegian (financed) project. Often called eldisnorway or “the Norwegian window”, Liv Ellingsen at the library explains.

On their news page Eldis writes about the background for establishing "the Norwegian window" and how the cooperation has  represented a pioneering approach which has later been used extensively elsewhere.


A spin-off from the work with identifying documents for the database is the Twitter account @eldisnorway which tweets news picks on environment and development issues.

– I think this is an activity that has placed the library on the map in a positive way. It makes the “Norwegian” documents visible and increase their use, which is also important to NORAD who has financed the work during all these years, Ellingsen says.

1000 passed in 2012

In 2012, the database marked that the number of “Norwegian” documents had passed 1000 with amongst other an open day at the Noragric Library. The database is often used by students who work on development related topics. Here are some statistics on usage of the database.

Open day

Learn more about Eldis when the Noragric Library hosts an open day, on Wednesday 30 April.

– There will be an introduction to Eldis for everyone who is interested, with some snacks on the side, Ellingsen concludes.

You can also contact eldis.norway@nmbu.no for more information or to subscribe to the newsletter based on recent documents added to the database.

Published 3. June 2014 - 13:18 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:30

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