Research Groups at the Faculty of Landscape and Society

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Research Groups at the Faculty of Landscape and Society

Rights, Accountability and Power in Development

The Rights, Accountability and Power in Development (RAPID) cluster works to further Noragric’s considerable experience in the fields of rights & power in development.

Woman farmer with pearl millet bundle.

Climate Change, Agriculture and Development

The Climate Change, Agriculture and Development (CC-AD) cluster conducts research on agri-food systems across the global and local scale. 

Fishermen, North Zanzibar

Environmental Governance

The Environmental Governance (ENGOV) cluster is a composite research group with members from backgrounds in both social (e.g. economics, anthropology) and natural (e.g. biology, ecology) sciences, based at Noragric. The group enjoys a substantial international network of collaborating partners.

Tadbeer-facilitated police group-work during a follow-up Meeting in Nawa District, Hilmand

Conflict, Human Security and Development

The Conflict, Human Security and Development (CHSD) cluster focuses on the links between conflict, human security and development, with a particular emphasis on development processes in post-conflict and post-disaster contexts. 

focus on widely understood ethics and political philosophy

Urban Sustainability

The group researches the social and economic impacts of sustainable development on urban and regional development.

trær i vann

History and Theory of Landscape Architecture

Maintaining the School of Landscape Architecture's excellence in education and research using ongoing review, investigation and intellectual deliberations about the type of theory we use to address the particularities of the challenges landscape architecture faces today.

Gruppens medlemmer jobber med forskning på planlegging og ressursforvaltning for bruk og vern av natur- og kulturlandskap

Planning and Resource Management

A space in which to inspire and strengthen research in planning and resource management at the Faculty of Landscape and Society. Contributing to the visualization and profiling of research at LANDSAM, and ensuring good synergy between the projects and the field. 


Land consolidation, property development and property registration

The purpose of the group is to gather and promote research and dissemination activities within these themes at the Department of Property and Law, and to actively engage the department's Master students in current research. 


Territorialization and Methods in Planning

This group focuses on research in the urban and regional planning industry, with the overall purpose of exploring and developing methods for registering, understanding and managing the spatial dynamics within societies.

The group focus on widely understood ethics and political philosophy.

Urban and Planning Philosophy

A place to meet, get inspired and strengthen research within the field of urban and planning philosophy at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, with outreach across the Faculty for Landscape and Society.

forskningsgruppen plan, grunnerverv og ekspropriasjon

Planning, land acquisition and expropriation

The group aims to collect and promote research and dissemination activities within the field of land acquisition and expropriation at the Department of Landscape Planning.


Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD)

The Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD) is a cross-disciplinary, international centre for the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, creative interpretations and innovative solutions within the theme of Landscape Democracy.

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