Aedes aegypti - kan overføre dengue, Zika, chikungunya og gulfeber.

New research project to investigate how climate change affects vulnerability to dengue fever

New research project will study how changes and variations in climate affect a society's vulnerability and risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases, particularly dengue fever, in Southeast Asia.

Thorvald II robot

Farm robot Thorvald can help improve crop yields

Meet Thorvald: The helpful robot farmer who may become the strawberry farmer's best friend. Among Thorvald’s many talents is preventing mildew from damaging plants without the need for pesticides.

Anne Willumsen i labforsøk på VA-teknisk forsøkslaboratorium ved NMBU.

Aim to educate the best water engineers

Clean Norwegian drinking water should not be taken for granted. Climate change will make access to and use of water increasingly more important. Students must face this future with the required expertise.

I Regnbyge 3M jobber Kaia Bing og Jon Arne Engan med hvordan ledningsnett og renseanlegg kan utnyttes optimalt. Det kan spare både miljø og økonomi.

Taking charge of flood water

In the years ahead, more and heavier rain will fall. Researchers are working on innovative solutions that will save both money and the environment.


Millions in funding for NMBU-research under FRIPRO-scheme

NMBU's scientists are making an even greater mark than last year in this year's allocation of funding for independent projects from The Research Council of Norway.


Renewed fight against brain disease

NMBU is participating in an important new research project in which multiple disciplines will work closely together to answer questions concerning the brain and disease.

Iskemi er ein forløpar for eit fullt hjarteinfarkt. Matematikk og EKG-målingar kan nyttast for å avdekkje slike iskemi.

Detecting heart attacks in advance

Imagine if a developing heart attack could be detected by combining ECGs with mathematical calculations. 

Flom i Gudbrandsdalen 2011.

Impacts of flooding in cities due to climate change

Studies show that projected climate change will cause increased flooding in Norwegian cities. Research on how to handle this challenge is carried out at IMT.

Doktorgradsstipendiaten Heidi S. Nygård har forsket på hvordan biomasse kan konverteres til bio-olje ved hjelp av saltsmeltepyrolyse.

Molten salt pyrolysis of biomass

In the high temperature lab at IMT researchers illustrate how biomass can be converted to bio-oil using molten salt pyrolysis.

Cecilie Rolstad Denby, instituttleder ved IMT.

IMT researchers in geosciences participate in a new Nordice Center of Excellence

A research group at IMT, lead by Cecilie Rolstad, is part of the nordic project NCoE SVALI (Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice).

PhD defence on October 8th

Anna Machina is defending her thesis in mathematics on October 8th

Project on Diarrhea and Dengue in Laos and Thailand

Project leaders Hans Overgaard and Thor Axel Stenström, and PhD student Nsa Dada from IMT, UMB went to Vientiane, Laos in the beginning of March 2010 to arrange a project start up workshop for the so called DIADEN project.

Seminar at IMT - Potensials of advanced image analysis technology in the cereal science research

In connection with a visit from the University of Milan, IMT will with IPM organizing a seminar with the title "Potentials of advanced image analysis technology in cereal science research." The semiar is on Monday June, 14.

Water for Life

Improving Health and Livelihoods in Changing Climate

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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