The biogas group at IMT

In addition to being an independent research group at IMT they are also part of the Norwegian Centre for Bioenergy Research

Biogas Group

Main goals for the biogas group : Increase the usage of biogas from organic matter

 - organic municipal wastes
 - industrial wastes
 - agricultural wastes
 - agricultural residues
 - wood

This will lead to substation of fossil fuels, and reduced environmental effects of uncontrolled anaerobic degradation of organic matters.

Sub goals:

1. Technology for Norwegian conditions
     - climate
     - size of plants
     - low cost
     - usage of biogas

2. Co-fermentation including pre-treatment methods to increase biogas production

    - Steam exploitation
    - Micro Wave pyrolysis
    - Thermal hydrolysis
    - Ensilage

3. Process control and optimization

    - Energy input/output
    - Controlling parameters
    - Reactor technology

4. Post-treatment and resirculation of process water for reduced transportation of biowaste

    - Magnesium ammonium phosphate
    - Absorbents
    - Ammonia stripping
    - Filtration


  - Biogas as part of the agricultural value chain
  - From biomass to biogas


 - John Morken, head of group
 - Zehra Zendin, PostDoc
 - Kristian Fjørtoft
 - Maria Magdalena Estevez, PhD-student
 - Shaza Ayoub, PhD-student
 - Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, researcher Aalborg University 20%

Published 24. June 2014 - 13:09 - Updated 28. February 2018 - 10:03

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