Research with a basis in a given management system, like the reindeer husbandry, typically requires a wide theoretical perspective because of the complexity of the system and interconnections with other land users. An inter-disciplinary approach is needed to guarantee successful and legitimate outcomes, encompassing communication, dialogue and mutual learning. Interactions between students and scientists from various disciplines, and with stakeholders, are crucial to put the research into a broader context and to foster understanding and cooperation over scientific and epistemological boundaries.

Cross-disciplinary activities
There is a growing recognition of the need to create participatory management systems for natural resources. Researchers need to be able to collaborate over scientific borders and with policymakers and stakeholders. Consequently, the importance of involving different levels of cross-disciplinary activities in research related to resource management is imminent.

Objective - To establish a meeting arena for researchers at all levels within the Centre in order to link the different WPs together and foster inter-disciplinary thinking, cooperation, and by doing so we hope to create a think tank for developing new ideas and actions.

To achieve our goals

  • Open seminars will be arranged annually. Stakeholders, researchers and students from outside the Centre will be invited
  • Inter-disciplinary PhD courses on relevant topics will be arranged, in collaboration with existing PhD schools at the participating research institutions
  • A web-based forum will be created to encourage continuous interactions between researchers and students within the Centre

Researchers and students from all WPs will be involved in the planning of seminars, courses and workshops.

Published 20. October 2016 - 10:34 - Updated 28. November 2016 - 14:20

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