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Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway) is the official national reporting system used by researchers and research institutions in Norway to register and profile publication data, projects and competences.  



Open Access

Here you will find information about Open Access publishing, OpenAIRE (EU Network for Open Access Policy) and NMBU's publishing fund (NMBU's internal fund to support Open Access publishing).


Brage - NMBU`s open institutional archive

All scientific publications, doctoral theses, master theses made by researchers and students at NMBU should be posted in the open institutional archive Brage, which is operated and managed by the University Library.


Publishing and co-authorship

The researcher must respect other researchers or students’ contributions and must follow standards pertaining to authorship and collaboration. Staff and students shall familiarise themselves with and comply with guidelines for authorship and co-authorship that are generally accepted in the scientific community. NMBU follows the Vancouver Convention for co-authorship


Publication points and reward of publications at level 1 and 2

Scientific publications are accredited in the form of publication points. NMBUs research-based allocations over the national budget are dependent on the number of accrued publication points. In the calculation of publication points, scientific works are ranked according to form of publication, level and  nubmer of authors. 

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