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Guest lecture: The use of AMS within environmental sciences/environmental radioactivity at ANU

NMBU/CERAD invites you to a guest lecture in the Soil Building, Lecture Hall JmU111, Monday June 25th at 10:15 – 11:00. The lecture will be given by Professor Keith Fifield, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

University of Tsukuba

Guest lecture: Following the Fukushima accident - Land use predicts recovery from Fukushima fallout

Professor Yuichi Onda from the University of Tsukuba, Japan will hold a guest lecture at Lecture Hall, Soil Building, May 14th at 12:15 – 13:00

Zebrafish group at NMBU-Vet

Public Defence - Selma Hurem

Selma Hurem, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (VET) successfully defended her PhD thesis “Two-generational study of biological effects from gamma radiation exposure during sensitive life stages in the zebrafish (Danio rerio)” on 13 February 2018.

The Tel’kem 2 site, showing the elliptical crater lake produced by the simultaneous detonation of three 0.24 kt fission devices. The crater rim rises up to 25 m above the surface of the water

Guest lecture: Sources contributing to radiation contamination in Semipalatinsk test site

Friday November 24 there will be a guest lecture from the head of the Semipalatinsk Test Site in Kazakhstan

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Upcoming conferences

Conferences offer great opportunities to present and discuss your work with variety of colleagues. Wondering where to go next? Check our list of upcoming events

The Norwegian Zebrafish platform

Public Defense – Jorke Harmen Kamstra

Jorke Harmen Kamstra will defend his PhD thesis 'Epigenetic inheritance in zebrafish: environmental stress-induced alterations of DNA methylation' on November 3rd

Professor Brit Salbu

30 years with radioactivity, people and environment at NMBU

We are pleased to invite you to a seminar "30 years with radioactivity, people and environment at NMBU" dedicated to Professor Brit Salbu turning 70! The seminar will be held on Thursday, October 12th 2017 from 12:15 to 17:15 at Auditorium TU101 “Kinosalen”, Tårnbygningen, NMBU, Ås.

Guest lecture

PhD seminar on April 3rd

Nematodes, radiation, multiple stressors and risk communication - there is something interesting for everyone. Five CERAD PhD students will be having their seminars on 3rd of April at room J105 (Soil Building, Fougnerbakken 3), NMBU Campus Ås

Guest lecture

Announcement: Jorke Kamstra, midterm PhD seminar

On Monday, 20th of March 2017, Jorke Kamstra will give his midterm evaluation presentation: Transgenerational effects - DNA methylation in zebrafish.


CERAD Annual Conference 2017

Annual conferences have become a good tradition in CERAD. This year’s conference was held at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on 8th-9th of February.


CERAD seminar for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers

On 13-14th of October, CERAD organized a seminar for the PhD-students and Postdocs, who are involved in the research center.

Årsrapport omslag

CERAD Reproduction workshop, Thursday 8th of December

The workshop on reproduction will be organized on Thursday, 8th of December. Save the date!


Epigenetics Meeting, CERAD UMB5

NMBU-Vetbio organized a UMB5 epigenetic project meeting on August 25 at Campus Adamstuen.


6th Norwegian Environmental Toxicology Symposium (NETS)

Assessing and solving environmental challenges in a multiple stressor world.
25-27 October 2016
Oslo Science Park

Spelsau i fjellet

Chernobyl accident - 30 years after

Chernobyl accident resulted in radioactive contamination of the parts of Norway. How did researchers at Ås help to solve problems related to food production, which appeared after the accident? Vitenparken is organizing a seminar on Tuesday 26th of April from 11:30 to 16:15 (in Norwegian).

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CERAD Annual Conference 2016

CERAD Annual Conference was held at The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters at 8-9th of February 2016

PhD Seminar on December 15th

A PhD Seminar for Environmental Chemistry Section/CERAD at the Department of Environmental Sciences will be held on Tuesday, December 15th 2015 at SKP Auditorium (NMBU Campus Ås).

University of Seville

"Activities within environmental radioactivity at University of Seville"

A guest lecture by Prof. Rafael García-Tenorio. Thursday, 29th of October at 11:30, Curie room, Isotope laboratory

PhD-student Urma Mahrosh, Institutt for Miljøvitenskap

PhD defence - Urma Mahrosh

Urma Mahrosh, Department of Environmental Sciences, will defend her PhD thesis: "Road deicing salt and copper: Transfer and effects on fertilization and early life history stages of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), on 28 September 2015.

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The 9th European Zebrafish Meeting (EZM2015)

Zebrafish researchers from NMBU and UiO recently organized the 9th European Zebrafish Meeting (EZM2015) which was the the big annual zebrafish conference in 2015 and gathered 650 zebrafish researcher from all around the world during 4 beautiful summer days from June 28 to July 2. The venue was Oslo Conference Center at Youngstorvet  (


PhD defence - You Song (IMV)

PhD degree – You Song, Dep. of Environmental Sciences will defend his PhD thesis” Transcriptional responses in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) following single and combined exposure to depleted uranium and gamma radiation” on 20.06.2014.


PhD defence - Jelena Mrdakovic Popic (IMV)

PhD degree – Trial Lecture and Public Defence
Jelena Mrdakovic Popic, Dept. of Environmental Sciences will defend her PhD thesis ”Environmental Impact of Radionuclides and Trace Elements in the Thorium Rich Fen Area in Norway” on May 13th 2014


Thursday 20th March at 12:15

Place: The Soil building, CERAD, Meeting room 'Curie'

CERAD Annual Conference 2015

CERAD Annual Conference 2015 was held on 9th-10th of February at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. The agenda for the meeting is given below.


CERAD seminar at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA) on March 13th 2014

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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