Thesis title


John Muma*

Epidemiology of Brucella infections in livestock-wildlife interface areas in Zambia

James Oloya*

Epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in transhumant cattle and characterization of mycobacteria isolated in Karamoja region and Nakasongola district in Uganda

Gro Johnsen*

Campylobacter in Norwegian poultry production : molecular epidemiological aspects

Sissel Kjøglum

Associations between major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and disease resistance in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)


Arnfinn Aunsmo*

Health related losses in sea farmed Atlantic salmon : quantification, risk factors and economic impact

Cathrine Trangerud

Growth patterns and metaphyseal irregularities in dogs : a study of 4 large breeds with emphasis on irregularities in the distal metaphysis of the radius and ulna in Newfoundland dogs

Anita Haug*

Coccidiosis in broiler chickens : identification, epidemiological aspects and evaluation of gross intestinal lesions of infected birds

Sverre Seierstad*

The effect on fish and human health of replacing marine oils by vegetable oils in feeds of Atlantic salmon


Lene Vestby*

Biofilm formation by Salmonella from the Norwegian feed industry : with attention to potentioal persistence and eradication

Jon Bohlin*

Genomic signatures in prokaryotic genomes

Gry Jæger

The effects of gold bead implantation in a dog model with chronic joint arthritis : a method of pain control


Malin Jonsson*

Epidemiological and spatio-temporal studies of Campylobacter spp. in Norwegian broiler production

Mona Dverdal Jansen*

Epidemiological aspects of salmonid alphavirus (SAV) and pancreas disease (PD) in Norwegian salmonid fresh- and seawater sites (2005-2009)

Siv Aina Jensen Leendertz*

Investigation of wild chimpanzee health and risk of retroviral transmission through hunting of red colobus monkeys

Camilla Kielland

Risk factors associated with dairy cattle welfare in cubicle housing

Solveig Stubsjøen*

Indicators of pain and welfare in sheep

Demelash Biffa*

Epidemiological and molecular genetic studies of Mycobacterium bovis infections in cattle in Ethiopia


Clovice Kankya*

Socio-anthropological perspectives and the public health implications of mycobacterial infections and management at the human-environment-livestock-wildlife interface of Uganda

Musso Munyeme*

Epidemiological investigations of zoonotic tuberculosis in the livestock/wildlife interface areas of the Kafue basin in Zambia

Tove Heger*

Malaria in trauma : studies of post-traumatic malaria falciparum in Cambodia


Adrian Muwonge*

The molecular epidemiology of tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacteria in Mubende district, Uganda

Trude Lyngstad*

Tracing transmission pathways for infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) virus

Sigrun Hauge

The hygienic impact of measures related to unclean cattle and sheep at farm level and in the abattoir

Randi Krontveit

Canine hip dysplasia in a prospective cohort study : incidence, risk factors and long-term effects in four large breeds


Karianne Muri*

Stockmanship and animal welfare in the Norwegian dairy goat industry


Marit Stormoen*

Disease control in Norwegian marine salmon aquaculture : contrasting pathogens, diseases and control


Kassahun Asmare*

Neospora caninum : an underestimated cause of reproductive disorders in intensively/ semi-intensively managed dairy and breeding cattle of Ethiopia


Gelagaye Ayelet*

Epidemiological investigation and molecular characterization of major viral diseases of livestock : implication for disease control in Ethiopia


Sidney Malama

Isolation and molecular characterisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex at the human-animal interface of Namwala district, Zambia


Anne Stene*

Transmission of pancreas disease in marine salmon farming in Norway


Elise Nagell-Alne*

Will submit 2014

Sagita Dewi

Will submit 2014

Åse Garseth*

Will submit 2014

Ola Brynildsrud*

Will submit 2014


Maren Knappe Poindecker

Will submit 2014

2015 Jostein Pettersen Will submit  2015