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Are you completing a degree at NMBU this semester? Please read the following information regarding your diploma.

Diploma from NMBU

Issuing the diploma:

The degree is awarded when you meet the requirements of an approved education plan, in accordance to your study programme. Please check that your education plan is updated and approved. Contact your study advisor if you need to make any changes in your education plan. When you are awarded the degree, an electronic version of your diploma will be available in Vitnemålsportalen.

The paper version of your diploma:

International students leaving Norway after completing their degree must contact the Department of Academic Affairs to order the paper version of the diploma. Please use this form.

For all other students, the paper version of the diploma will be sent to your address registered in the National Registry during September. Students who for other reasons need the paper version of the diploma before September must apply for the paper version by using the same form.

Vitnemålsportalen (In English: Diploma Registry):

Vitnemålsportalen is a new digital service developed on behalf of Ministry of Education where former and current students can collect their results from Higher Education and share these with educational institutions, potential employers and other relevant parties. Vitnemålsportalen makes it easier to share your diploma and transcript of records when you are applying for jobs or further studies.

You can log in to Vitnemålsportalen using your ID-port (MinID, BankID on mobile, BankID, Buypass or Commfides) or Feide (Federal Identity Management in the educational sector). When you log in, the system will retrieve all your results directly from the institution’s database. Only you can log onto Vitnemålsportalen and view your results. A recipient can only see your results if you have given access. In Vitnemålsportalen you can generate a link which can easily be sent to selected recipients or you can save your results in a PDF file. You can choose what language you want the results to appear in (Bokmål Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian or English).

If you have any questions, please contact SiT: sit@nmbu.no

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