Data Science
Programme Structure

Programme Structure

Programme Structure

Year 2 SpringMaster thesis (30)
Year 2 AutumnDAT300 Applied machine learning II (10)DAT390 Data Science Seminar (10)Optional (master level)
Year 1 SpringDAT200 Machine Learning and Deep Learning (10)MATH280 Applied Linear Algebra (10)INF230 Data Handling and Data Bases (10)
Year 1 AutumnINF200 Advanced programming (10)INF221 Computer Science for Data Scientists (10)INF250 Image Analysis/Specialization course(10)
Year 1 AugustINF121 Introduction Course for Data Scientists (5)


Data analysis and statistics       
INF250      Image Analysis 
DAT200     Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Start 2018)
STAT200    Regression
STAT210    Analysis of Variance   
STAT340    Applied methods in statistics
STAT321    Theoretical statistics I       
STAT360    Theoretical statistics II
STAT370    Selected topics in Statistics
STIN300    Statistical Programming in R      

HFA301       Calculation of breeding values
BIN300        Statistical Genomics
BIN310        Selected Topics in Genome Analysis       
BIN315        Selected Topics in Functional Genomics       

Data Science in Energy physics       
FYS377        Future Digital Power Systems       
FYS301        Modelling Absorption and Scattering of Electromagentic Radiation       

Data Science in Biological physics       
FYS388       Computational Neuroscience
DAT301       Big Data in Biological Sciences (Summer School SIU-funded, starting 2018)
DAT302       Computational Biophysics (To be applied for as a National School)

Big Data in Geosciences
GMGI210    Geographical Modelling and Analysis    
GMGI300    Geographical Database Systems   

Big Data in Construction
TBA210        Building Structures
TBA331        Building Performance Simulation   

Big Data in Economics
BUS320       Empiriske analyser av finans- og varemarkeder II
BUS321       Empiriske analyser av finans- og varemarkeder - teoridel
BUS322       Investeringsanalyse og finansiell risikostyring
BUS323       Analyser av råvaremarkeder
BUS324       Opsjoner, derivater og risikostyring
ECN301       Econometric methods
ECN303       Impact assessment
BUS204       Introduction to Behavioral Economics
AOS230       Work and Organisational Psychology
ECN304       Behavioral and Experimental Economics


Big geospatial data
- Assoc.Prof. Håvard Tveite

High-dimensional data in life sciences: 
- Prof. Cecilia Futhsæther
- Assoc.Prof. Ulf Indahl
- Prof. Achim Kohler
- Prof. Kristin Tøndel

Robotics and machine learning:
- Prof. Pål From

Large-scale simulation
- Assoc.Prof. Hans Ekkehard Plesser

Big data in neurosciences
- Prof. Gaute Einevoll

- Assoc.Prof. Mareile Wolff

Cell phone sensoring
- Assoc.Prof. Leif Daniel Houck

Big data in Economics and Business-organisational science
- Assoc.Prof. Nicolay Andre Melsæter Worren

Environmental economcis (land use change)
- Prof. Arild Angelsen

- Assoc.Prof. Trygve Almøy
- Prof. Thore Egeland
- Assoc.Prof. Ellen Sandberg
- Prof. Solve Sæbø

- Prof. Torgeir Hvidsten
- Assoc.Prof. Lars Snipen

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