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  • Vegen foran Parkgården ned til Urbygningen blir igjen grusveg.

    You are going to meet your buddies at this building (Parkgården).

    Kai Tilley

The registration weekend begins on Saturday 11 August at 09:00. During this weekend you will register as a student, get your student card, enable access to your student mail and the learning portal Canvas, among other things. At the same time, you will have the opportunity get to know the university and meet your Buddies who will guide you and your fellow students through the coming week.

LANDSAM - Noragric

Program for the introduction week

Saturday 11 August

09:00 Meet your buddies (Outside Parkgården, nr. 31 on the map)

10:00 Welcome to NMBU (Aud.Max, nr. 2 on the map)

12:00 Info about StudentWeb, Canvas and IT (Aud.Max, nr. 2 on the map)

13:00 Buddy activities

18:00 Barbecue (Pentagon, on the right side of the map)

Søndag 12. august

10:00 Meet your buddies (Outside Parkgården, nr. 31 on the map)

11:00 "The Strenght in Diversity" (Biotechnology building - Aud. Aastveit, nr. 4 on the map)

13:00 Semester registration (Clock building, nr. 51 on the map)

14:00 Buddy activities

15:00 Intro to the Student Society (Sørhellinga, nr. 40 on the map)

Your Buddies will guide your through the program. Remember to be on time at Parkgården, Saturday 11 August at 09:00.

IMPORTANT to remember at startup

Shortly after startup, you have several important deadlines to comply.

15 August: Deadline for signing up/withdrawing from courses starting in the August block.

3 September: August block exam

15 September: Deadline for signing up to courses starting in the autumn parallell.

We encourage all new students to make themselves familiar with these websites containing important information regarding sudies and the semester start:

The Student Information Centre (SIT)

Start portal for students

Academic calendar

Computer Services (internet, password etc)

Your Buddy will show you around on you campus.

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