Forskningssentre og store forskningsprosjekt

Bygg, korn


Et tverrvitenskapelig forskningsprosjekt for å forbedret agronomisk praksis kan bidra til økt og bærekraftig matproduksjon i Norge.


The BIOFEED project

Develops novel salmon feed by integrated bioprocessing of non-food biomass



Molecular biology lab. Cutting-edge genomic analysis may be performed using high-throughput genotyping pipelines.

Oilseed crop

The FeedMileage project

The research project aims to increase the efficiency of Norwegian farm animal production by advanced nutritional and genetic methods.



Innovativ og bærekraftig utnyttelse av planteproteiner i fremtidige matvarer.

Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway aims to feed fish and farm animals using amazing new ingredients



GenoSysFat - Integrating genomics and system biology to improve the capacity for synthesis, transport, and filet deposition of EPA/DHA in salmon

Kaamanen, Finland

ReiGN - Nordic Centre of Excellence in Arctic Research

Reindeer husbandry in a Globalizing North – resilience, adaptations and pathways for actions


REWIRED ─ The role of whole genome duplication in vertebrate adaptation

In the REWIRED project, we will use salmonid fish, which underwent a genome duplication 100 million years ago, as a model system to study the importance of genome duplication in evolution of new gene functions and adaptation.


Towards the Digital Salmon

From a reactive to a pre-emptive research strategy in aquaculture (DigiSal)